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our farm

The Casavecchia farmhouse is located in the Florentine Chianti between the Valdarno and the Chianti Classico zones, immersed in the hills of the so-called Conca d'Oro characterized by the production of an excellent organic extra virgin olive oil of which we are proud producers. But it is not only the oil that characterizes our direct sales, our cellar boasts various brands of fine wines and our fruit trees enrich the breakfast that we make available to our guests every morning. Last but not least we got hens that produce fresh eggs every day to be served in various ways to our customers.

the farmhouse

The structure that concerns our tourist activity was born around 1400 A.D as a farmhouse of an ancient family of peasants dedicated exclusively to agriculture. Over the years many changes and renovations were made until it became at last a receptive structure equipped with all comforts. Today the farmhouse is composed of seven apartments, two breakfast rooms, a reception and a kitchen.

We can also provide our guests a private villa with swimming pool, the Fienile.

our production

Each farm is characterized by a very specific agricultural activity in order to combine hospitality with the agri-food aspect that defines the products that are finally offered to guests, our specialty is the production of organic extra virgin olive oil.

Our property boasts the presence of two thousand olive trees of the Leccino and Frantoiano type. Every year skilled hands take care of the trees through pruning, a practice that is mandatory in order to obtain the highest quality on production. Pruning usually takes place in mid-March and every year concerns half of our plants while the other half is treated the following year in such a way as to ensure constant production at each harvest.

The oil thus produced can be sold or used for the preparation of tastings or snacks which are often organized in the garden in front of the structure.

Agriturismo Casavecchia
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